Raising the Dead

20 October, 2007

A long, long time ago in a blogosphere far far away I used to write a blog on whatever interested me. Then I lost interest and took up World of Warcraft. All of this time I have been intending to get back to it but never quite managed it. Then we had our second bub, and so now that I am busier than ever I intend to try to resurrect it again. Hopefully it won’t be short lived, but rather an ongoing if only a weekly posting affair.

Anyhow the blogpost I was always intending to write next was a book review of The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb, as it was what I was reading at the time and touches on a number of topics I am interested in. So last week I began re-reading it with an eye to finally discussing it. Hopefully the reading and review will be done in a few days.


Shindig at the Clock

29 September, 2006

Finally last night I met some of the ozplogistans lead leading (what a cretan!) lights. He was there as was her and him. She was there and him, him, him,him, him and him plus others including commenters as well whom I must give apologises to for forgetting.

It was a good night although I ducked out at what I imagine was a relatively early time of just after 11pm. I’ve no doubt there are a few sore heads this morning. Its interesting though putting faces and speech to the words.

Not much more to say. I’m fairly sure photo’s will appear at some time. The only think I will mention is that Shaun Cronin has seen the Star Wars holiday special. I thought I was pretty geeky for actually knowing about it but he’s gone one step further. I’ve just had a quick look on YouTube for it and sure enough you can see various bits of it here including Princess Leia singing and Chewbaccas family growling at each other.

Why Blog?

17 July, 2006

I’ve been thinking about what I get out of this whole exercise, and is it just a tooling around waste of time. I’ve come to the conclusion is that its not.

So what do I actually get out of blogging, including participating on other blogs which I have been doing for much longer? I would list the main things as

  1. Information. I must say I’ve learnt lots about areas of politics and economics that I would not have come to grips with otherwise. The blogs I would think I have learnt most from are in order Catallaxy, Larvatus Prodeo, John Quiggin and Club Troppo. Catallaxy tops the list because while being highly rational it comes from a slightly different angle than my political background and contained the greatest scope to learn from.
  2. The value of argument. Engaging in or even watching arguments is a great way for exploring all aspects of a debate. At times I’ve engaged in a much stronger position that I really believed in, but the value of this being it makes people explore a full range of issues. Certainly I try to (as much as possible) come to things with an open mind that can be swayed by good opposing arguments. A particularly nice aspect of blogs is that it can draw in people from everywhere and with a wide range of expertise.
  3. Writing practice. I would like to be able to write better, clearer, more flowing English but I’m not going to achieve this by not doing anything. Exposing things publicly is a great way to force yourself to try.
  4. To get my ideas more clearly formulated. In my opinion nothing lets you think more clearly about something than writing it down to force you to clearly formulate what you think, and then exposing the idea to public scrutiny so it can have holes shot in it if necessary.

That’s the main things anyway I won’t mention self-aggrandisement. Obviously the reason for this post falls mostly into the last (numbered) category.

My Suduko Solver

5 May, 2006

Some time ago I did a few of these Suduko puzzles and then thought to myself, “all I’m doing here is manually apply about 3 or four rules”. So like many others I wrote myself a little visual basic Suduko solver. It seems to do most of them, although I’m sure it doesn’t get some – none that I’ve found, but then the testing wasn’t what you would call rigorous or lengthy.

Anyhow my plans came to nought when I found that I couldn’t upload an .exe file, probably because of the virus danger such files pose I’m guessing. Anyway if someone reads this and knows a good way to make a small file available, let me know.