Winds of change or just more hot air?

First it was Rupert Murdoch “The planet deserves the benefit of the doubt.”, then Peter Costello on insiders

I think the ground is changing. I think it is important that we bring new countries into this discussion. And I think, from Australia’s point of view, if the world starts moving towards a carbon trading system, we can’t be left out of that, that Australia has a role…

and now John Howard

JOHN HOWARD has yielded to pressure to consider a global carbon trading scheme, and business leaders say they are ready to take action against global warming.

As Brian has noted at LP, the release of the Stern review has coincided with a sudden shift in the political direction with respect to AGW policy. Previously the Australian government position has been completely intransigent on being involved with carbon trading, but with Peter Costello’s interview on insiders and now this announcement it seems there has been a large shift in government opinion. Even if this is not a complete reversal it is a serious concession that Australia and the rest of the world needs to do more.

Earlier in the year the government used a review of the tax system as a stepping stone on the way to reversing its previously stated opposition to cutting top tax rates. Here’s hoping this review is the same, a facing saving exercise before a policy reversal and not just more hot air.


4 Responses to Winds of change or just more hot air?

  1. Kevin says:

    Global warming has never been proven. In fact, there are the same amount of scientists saying it doesn’t exist, than saying it does. And even if the Earth is getting warmer, there is absolutely no proof that says it has anything to do with the people who live here.

  2. Slim says:

    And therefore Kevin, there’s no reason to be concerned that per capita each of us Aussies are responsible for producing about 72kg of extra atmospheric CO2 per day. Where’s the harm in that? What? Me worry?

  3. Steve says:

    Garbage. Yes it hasn’t been “proven”, but then it proably never will until it is well too late and the evidence is compelling. While there is some dissent there certainly isn’t the same number of scientist saying it exists as it doesn’t. That is outright fantasy there is vastly more opinion supporting its existance. Does it have something to do with people who live here? More than likely since it is known that the greenhouse effect exists otherwise we would all be freezing. We know gases like CO2 are the reason for it. Increasing CO2 will increase the effect. The only argument is over how much and how bad it will be.

  4. MinorRipper says:

    Pretty shocking that Australia was alone on the island with the USA on Kyoto in the first place. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Bush is a complete, utter lame duck as more and more former ‘allies’ like Blair and Howard break with him publicly…

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