Turnbull on public transport

Interesting piece in the SMH by public transport fan Malcolm Turnbull on public transport infrastructure and the need to invest more in public transport rather than the toll roads which recent NSW state governments have preferred. There is a bit of partisan spruiking as well, but he makes some good points regardless.

An excerpt:

There is more to this congestion than pure economics. The shift in reliance for our transport task onto private automobiles as opposed to public transport works real injustice and those who suffer are the young, the poor, the sick and the old. Lack of access to mobility is a significant contributor to poverty, social division, and isolation. Higher income groups are more likely to be located in well-serviced affluent inner city suburbs, whereas lower income groups are more likely to be located in poorly-serviced areas, often on the fringes of cities with the worst public transport


8 Responses to Turnbull on public transport

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve got a lot of thime for the man who will be the next PM, the good thing about the three pieces is the acknowledgement of public transport as a real solution, I think this now goes across political lines which i a good thing.

    However we don’t solve any of this until we address the issue in the outer suburbs of Sydneym this is where real progress will be made.

  2. Steve says:

    I agree. He’s probably the best candidate on both sides of politics.

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  4. pedaller says:

    I agree with Phil. When we think of “Sydney” we have to stop thinking about the City of Sydney and start looking at other the LGA’s that make-up Sydney. The notion of providing another CBD transport alternative such as “light rail” along Castlereagh Street seems totally ridiculous when you consider that there are areas outside the CBD poorly serviced by public transport options.
    We also need to stop thinking about transport solely in terms of motorised transport. Cars, motorcyles, buses and trains are not the only transport options. Walking, cycling, skating, scooters etc are all viable alternatives, especially when you consider that most city journeys are less than 11km.

  5. yobbo says:

    Isn’t a scooter just a motorcycle with a girly basket on the front?

  6. scottishdave says:

    Why not use travelators for getting around the CBD like the ones we have to the Domain car park and in airports. Several cities around the world use travelators for transporting people around. Why don’t we?
    Sydney’s CBD is relatively small and we have a network of sub-street malls and arcades that can be connnected with travelators cheaply.
    You also don’t have to wait for your bus/train/light rail to arrive – just step on and go where you have to go

  7. Steve says:

    The main issue with travelators is that to go slow enough not to be dangerous, they don’t go faster than walking pace, and inevitably some people on them stand and wait so rather than being able to walk at twice the speed you are going the same pace as walking, but standing still.

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