More on Congestion

Sinclair Davidson in the Age writes a criticism of the idea, blaming congestion in Melbourne on, amongst other things, too much public transport.

The inner city, already well served by public transport, has seen the construction of mega tram stops, and the King Street overpass was demolished. Small wonder travel times have increased.

Harry Clarke in return says that it is unsound economics.

People who travel on roads impose congestion costs on others. As has been known for at least half a century, attempts to internalise all such costs makes a community better-off in the sense that the value of the revenues gains exceeds costs to both the ‘tolled-off’ (those ending road use) and the ‘tolled-on’ (those who continue but who must pay the toll).

All I can say is. I agree.


3 Responses to More on Congestion

  1. Arj says:

    Hi Steve, just a quick entry. I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs, especially the arguments for/against free/subsidised PT. Thought you might find this interesting, i stumbled across it when i was looking around for PT interest groups on the web. I was recently in Brisbane and found their bus transitways worked really well. Anyway, check out the “Austrans people mover” system and let me know what you think!

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Arj,

    Actually I remember these being shown on the news several years ago and have occasionally wondered whatever became of the project. So thanks for that.

  3. Sacha says:

    As a former Brisbanite, the bus transitways are dedicated roadways for busses – there’s one that mirrors the south-east freeway (from Brisbane to Logan) and another exists/is being built on the northside. A disadvantage of them is that it’s not very easy to change the route of the transitway!

    I don’t have any data on their usage or how they’re existence has affected the way in which people move around Brisbane.

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