Colour blindness again

Interestingly, my previous post about my colour blindness seems to be getting me the most search hits. Hopefully it has helped direct people to some of the things they are interested in. If not here are some other places to look.

For those of you who are interested in reading about this, don’t miss Colorblindor a blog mostly about the experience of being colourblind. This post also discusses the experience.

This blog has a post about the troubles someone in practice may have reading the website (ie. not many but some).

This site has some facts and a short self test, plus some links, as does this one and this one.

Update: Some scientific papers on colour blindness.

  • Defective Colour Vision and its Inheritance (scanned pdf)
  • Impact of congenital colour vision deficiency on education and unintentional injuries: findings from the 1958 British birth cohort which has some responses
  • Colour vision deficiency in the medical profession. (pdf)
  • New aspects of an old theme: the genetic basis of human color vision. (pdf)
  • Doctors and the assessment of clinical photographs–does colour blindness matter? (pdf)
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