Slow week

What with the world cup, child rearing and general other stuff I haven’t added much new content. That will change I can assure both of you loyal readers!


9 Responses to Slow week

  1. james says:

    As reader number 3 I feel this post alienates me. Still, I’d rather read apologies from you than anything by that vicious imbecile, Dom Knight.

  2. Steve says:

    Sorry James, I was unaware about the 50% increase in readership. I’ll try to be more inclusive in future. However what is this about Dom Knight?

  3. Sacha says:

    Who is Dom Knight?

    I’m currently drawing diagrams in latex, as I don’t have a good drawing program on my PC. slow and slightly painful.

  4. Steve says:

    I did my thesis in Latex, but never a diagram. I can only imagine it is awful.

  5. Sacha says:

    Oh, I had lots of diagrams (knots etc) in my thesis and used a unix program called xfig, which was pretty great (you can even put latex text inside the picture). But when you’re doing it at home on your PC, it’s another story. I still have a key to an office at Sydney uni – I might go in over the weekend to attempt to draw some better graphics to finish off the paper.

    The paper’s pretty much done – I should just read through it one more time, make necessary edits, and submit it to a journal.

  6. Steve says:

    Ah yes I remember xfig, although I did most of my data presentation in IDL.

  7. Sacha says:

    I’ve finished the paper – I just need to now put it on the pre-print server and submit it to the journal! I’ve put a pdf copy of it on my blog for the multitudes who read my blog to download 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    That’s great Sacha.

    I note that someone reached my blog by searching for “Sacha Bananas”. While the blog does contain references to both, I doubt that is what they were really looking for!

  9. Sacha says:

    That’s very funny Steve!

    Actually, I do say, “Cool bananas,” sometimes, so maybe there’s some weird mental connection there!

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