Iraq Casualties

I had been hoping that the seeming dip in the number of coalition troops killed in Iraq during the early part of the year particularly March, had been the beginning of a downward trend. Unfortunately it seems from the next month and a bit, that they have been making up for lost time.

The depressing thing about this is that while US casualties have remained fairly constant over the last couple of years the number of Iraqi troops and police getting killed has increased, even if it is down from its peak mid last year.

Death stats are a miserable thing to ponder, but they do give us one concrete measure of how things are going in Iraq.


3 Responses to Iraq Casualties

  1. Sacha says:

    What an awful “key performance indicator”! I wonder if the number of people dead is a great indicator of something: if a bomb goes off in a crowded area or building, many more people will die than if the area isn’t crowded. One measure could be “number of awful incidents” (eg bombings). hmmm – I don’t know.

  2. Steve says:

    Sacha I agree there are problems with seperating increasing effectiveness from increasing volume. However in general I think it does give us a good guide as to whether there had been real sucess quashing the insurgency and quite frankly it says pretty clearly there hasn’t been despite some claims form the US military to the contrary.

  3. dr. gonzo says:

    Body counts are an absolutely awful way to judge progress, it didn’t work during American involvment in Vietnam.

    This war is a disaster on so many levels, starting with the faulty (lies) intelligence it was waged under. This is what happens when one nation attempts to impose its will on another. It’s not a mere coincidence that this war that was so “important” to the security of the free world is being waged in the Middle East, a shining beacon for the oil addicted.

    Look for the encore in 2007: Failure in Iran.

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