Another lonely little blog

If someone somehow stumbles across this it is just me marking out some space so its there for me to use perhaps some time in the future.

Feel free to comment lost one.

Update: Here goes then. I’ve started to add content. Wish me luck!


11 Responses to Another lonely little blog

  1. Steve says:

    Yes, Steve here just adding a comment for testing

  2. Jason Soon says:

    you would be a welcome addition to the blogosphere, Steve. Well I suppose you already are since you’re at LP but a solo blog from you would be just as good.

  3. Steve Edney says:

    Thanks Jason,

    A solo blog lets me work through ideas that are more ill formed and I wouldn’t post to LP with its already large audience who probably don’t want to hear me thinking out loud. Also stuff that I think doesn’t really fit with the LP ethos.

  4. Jason Soon says:

    hey steve
    you know if you decide not to go ahead with a solo blog but want to post other stuff ‘not fitting the LP ethos’ or which is just you thinking out loud, you’re welcome to do so at Catallaxy

  5. Steve Edney says:

    Don’t want to give the idea that anyone is stopping me at LP its self-censorship all the way. I would feel the same way about it at Catallaxy!

    I think I will give this a go for a while. As well continuing the occasional thing at LP. Thanks a lot for the offer. If I think i’ve got something worthwhile to add to Catallaxy I’ll let you know.

  6. Sacha says:

    Good luck Steve!

    I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog recently as I’ve been focussing on my paper and being social.

  7. Sacha says:

    Steve, how did you get the “recent comments” box on the right of the screen?

  8. Steve says:


    The problem with a solo blog, is that its difficult to get enough time to post content that keeps people interested (not to mention making posts interesting). However I wanted to thrash out some ideas that are fairly esoteric, at least intitially – I’m hoping to get somewhere more concrete as I move along, and thought I should publish them and see if anyone pops in and says “no your wrong!” and perhaps provides some useful criticism. However while I write the occasional thing at LP, I can do much more of what I like on my own with out boring the thousands who read LP daily and most likely don’t want to read my musings on the nature of problems of quantitative social science.

  9. Steve says:

    AS for recent Comments.

    From Presentation -> Sidebar widgets,
    I dragged “Recent comments” from the “available widgets” box to ” Sidebar1″.

  10. Sacha says:

    That’s great Steve – thanks!

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